Actually Storm Came Out From Your Soul

March 12, 2019

Each soul has been created differently, nothing is identical.
Me, you, and them are all distinctly different.
What's the meaning on being 'different'?
Whether being chosen unexpectedly or you having your way by design.
Living the life in a current or against it.
They say it's not a coincidence.
They questioned, "Your path is your destiny?"
Get out from my way! I ain't believe it at all.
Similar and identical are only for determining our
creation based on our thought, in the fact those are different.
"Why I'm trying to be others while nobody trying to be me?"

People tend to walk on the pavement like a walking dead.
While I preffer to jump accros the border, stradling the edge,
speaking my mind, swearing at strangers and wait till somebody shoot me down and literally dead.
I've been walking since I was being enlighted,
that life can be fun if we put some purpose into it.
Dont waste your life in doubt and fear. Run for it.
Find your way on the path that never been taken by anyone else.
I looked into my self transcendentally, there was only me and nobody.
Oh no, I found my self weird. Yes,
then I determine that I'm a superhuman.
Nobody can't stop me now. 
Actually storm comes out from your soul.
When people trying to be a star, I'm trying to be a black hole
When people trying to be a dust, I'm trying to be a stone
When people trying to be a wind, I'm trying to be a storm
When people trying to be an angel, I'm not trying to be a devil
I wanna be a heaven

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